Bridgebury Gate Signal Box

Bridgebury Gate

Welcome to the Bridgebury Gate website, an N Gauge British Outline layout


Bridgebury Gate Track Plan

Image by Steve Flint, courtesy Railway Modeller, as seen in Railway Modeller, October 2016


Bridgebury Gate is fictional town set somewhere in the south of England, not too far from the West Country, some time between 1966 and 2000.

It's an N Gauge layout, 1:148 scale, and consists of a twin track main line, with a branch and limited freight facilities. Trains go up the branch to 'Mikel End', a somewhat ancient branch line that only survived total closure by being reduced to single track. The remnants of the former double track are still visible.

Around the back of the layout we have a limited six-lane fiddle yard, with each line able to hold two six or seven coach trains or one really long one. The layout's basically a good place to enjoy running trains and to watch them go by.

We hope you enjoy seeing it on its limited exhibition circuit. Any positive comments or suggestions are always welcome. Please get in touch via the link at the foot of the page.


Class 37 688